The best canyons in the Alpes Maritimes

The Alpes Maritimes offer a wide choice for canyoning with a large number of possible descents. The objective of this article is to give you a small selection of the best canyons in the French Riviera.

We will therefore only review the best canyons of the Alpes Maritimes because of their interest, focusing on their beauty or the playful aspect of them. This is obviously a fairly subjective point of view…

The best half-day canyons in the Alpes Maritimes

Gorges du loup canyon, the good solution for everybody!

The Gorges du Loup canyon is one of the most popular half-day routes in the Alpes Maritimes. This is not surprising since it will satisfy the vast majority of participants. This canyon indeed offers a large number of obstacles with numerous jumps and slides of all sizes. This makes it an extremely fun canyon for everyone. Furthermore, it is very easy to get around all the obstacles easily, which allows the less courageous to come and enjoy the beauty of the place.

most beautiful canyons around Nice and Alpes Maritimes gorges du loup

Allow around 50 minutes’ drive from Cannes, Antibes, Nice or Mandelieu.

You will drive about 30 minutes from Villeneuve-Loubet, Cagnes sur Mer, Grasse or La colle sur Loup.

Cramassouri canyon if you are searching pure beauty!

This clue is truly one of the most beautiful canyons in the Alpes Maritimes. Here we immerse ourselves in one of the most aesthetic routes in France. The route is easy with relatively warm water, making it a perfect canyon for children. There are also very nice little slides there, but no big jumps. A group of athletes looking for sensations could also be a little frustrated at this level. Above all, you must come for the beauty of the place!

most beautifull canyons of the alpes maritimes french riviera

Driving time from Cannes, Mandelieu, or Antibes: approximately 60 minutes

Allow approximately 45 minutes from Villeneuve-Loubet, Cagnes sur Mer, Nice

Allow one hour from Grasse or Monaco.

The best full-day canyons around Nice

The Bollène canyon, one of the great trips around Nice

Bollène canyoning is one of the great classics of Nice Côte d’Azur, known for its very fun side with numerous slides and jumps. It is also one of the most affordable day canyons since it is not too long with limited approach times. The mountain setting is also sumptuous!

You will have to drive a little further from the main towns on the coast to get there:

From Cannes, Mandelieu, Antibes or Monaco: approximately 1h15

From Nice, Cagnes sur Mer, Villeneuve Loubet: approximately 1 hour

Barbaira canyon, absolutely stunning

The descent of the Barbaira canyon is truly unforgettable. It is indeed extremely fun and very aesthetic canyoning. It is not strictly speaking in the Alpes Maritimes but just behind the Italian border. However, it is not very far away and we organize outings there very regularly. The descent is a little more tiring than for the Bollène since you have to walk 40 minutes before getting into the water. We will then be largely rewarded with a unique decor!

Travel time :

1 hour drive from Nice or Monaco

1h30 from Cannes, Mandelieu, Grasse or Antibes

1h15 from Cagnes sur Mer, Villeneuve Loubet, La Colle sur Loup

One of the most imposing of the French Riviera, Riolan canyon

Canyoning in Riolan is truly a memorable experience. Already because it is a canyon of incredible beauty. Then, because we will experience a real committed adventure there. Finally, it will require good technical skills as well as good physical condition: it is in fact one of the longest canyons in 06.

In short, the Riolan canyon is an absolute must if you are experienced and in good shape.

As it is in the isolated Estéron valley, the road will be longer:

About 1h30 from Cagnes sur Mer, Villeneuve-Loubet or Nice

1h40 from Cannes, Mandelieu or Antibes.

This little article aims to present to you the best canyons of the Alpes Maritimes. We of course organize excursions to many other canyoning spots around Nice. You can access all of our outings by visiting our page dedicated to canyoning in Nice and the French Riviera.

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