Canyoning in the French Riviera

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Canyoning around Nice Cote d’Azur

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Beautiful canyoning trips in wild nature

Canyoning around Nice Cote d’Azur is really an unforgettable experience for summer holidays. Whether you are in Frejus, Saint Raphael, Mandelieu, Antibes, Grasse, Monaco, Cannes or Nice, the French Riviera is the ideal place to discover canyoning, a summer sport which consists in walking, swimming, jumping and toboganning down a river, and abseiling with a rope (except for grade one canyons). During your trip, you will go down amazing white water mountain rivers with great fun in a relaxing environment. More about the canyoning techniques here.
The Nice area is perfect for this water sport which is a good way to escape from summer heat with friends or family. An experienced instructor will guide you during this outstanding experience.

How strenuous is it?

Even if some canyons are reserved for daring sportsmen, quite a few are accessible to beginners and unexperienced people. Some of them are quite suitable for 8 years old children.
Practitioners must be able to swim and must not suffer from medical impediments.



Grade 1 canyoning, half a day

(40 euros per person if there are more than 6 people, or 45 euros per person for smaller groups)

Jumps are less than 5 meters. No abseiling in this grade! Obstacles are easy to avoid. These canyons are suitable for families as you can bring 8 years old children and for people who do not favour risky ventures.

Mind you: if more daring people join the group, they will be able to slide down waterfalls and jump from higher spots.


Gorges du Loup 

This is the perfect canyon close to Nice for beginners who don’t want to abseil. A lot of fun…

Start canyoning in Gorges du Loup-Nice Cote d'Azur

Grade 2 canyoning, half a day

(45 euros per person if there are more than 6 people, or 50 euros per person for smaller groups)

You will learn all the basic technical skills: tobogganning, jumping from 8 meters high spots and abseiling down for 15 meters and after that you will be able to try most canyons in the area.
A lot of fun with moderate challenges. Accessible to beginners. Suitable for children more than 10.

Gorges du Loup close to Grasse. We’ll start with the technical part of the river before arriving in one of the best canyons around Nice if you like jumps and slides!

canyoning in the french riviera in the gorges du loup

Cramassouri, an amazing spot to discover canyoning in the French Riviera! This warm canyon is perfect for children initiation to canyoning or simply for beginners who want to benefit an incredible landscape…

canyoning for beginner close to Nice with cramassouri


Grade 2, full day canyoning

(60 euros per person if there are more than 6 people, or 65 euros per person for smaller groups)

Descents are accessible to beginners provided they like sports and they can walk 4 hours. You will jump from 10 meters high spots if you wish and abseil down 20 meters cliffs. These are suitable for children over 12 .

Bollene, an amazing full day trip of the cote d’Azur, in Vesubie Valley.

Good fun for sporty beginners to experienced people with many jumps and slides!

Canyoning in the Riou de la Bollène -Vesubie-French Riviera

Barbaira, probably the most beautifull canyon close to Nice. Many jumps and an incredible adventure in this unique landscape.

canyoning in barbaira close to Nice

Imberguet: A beautifull technical canyon in Vésubie perfect for spring conditions.

Imberguet canyon-Nice-Vesubie

Imberguet canyon close to Nice in Vesubie Valley

Grade 3, full day canyoning

(65 euros per person if there are more than 6 people, or 70 euros per person for smaller groups)

Reserved for experienced and fit practicioners. The rythm will be faster and sustained. Possible jumps of 12 m. Big slides and abseiling under waterfalls. The stream can be strong… You must be over 14. You may have to walk a long way to reach the canyon or come back…

La Maglia, the extreme spot of canyoning in the french riviera. The best canyon around Nice if you like big jumps and thrilling experiences!

canyoning in the extreme spot of the French Riviera: la Maglia

Riolan, a real adventure one hour from Nice by car! Amazing canyon in Esteron Valley, one of the wildest places in Côte d’Azur.

adventure in the alpes maritimes-Riolan canyon-Esteron

Grade 4, full day canyoning

(70 euros per person if there are more than 6 people, or 75 euros per person for smaller groups)

The most demanding canyons in the Alpes Maritimes. You must be used to abseiling down 70 meters waterfalls. Technical challenges will be higher. You have to be really fit.

Morghé-Maglia, Cascade de Courmes…

Mind you: you don’t have to jump or slide if you don’t feel like it. Your canyoning guide will always give you an other option.

What do you need?: swimming suits, sportshoes with laces, towels, picnic lunches.

Gear: all the gear necessary will be provided and will respond to high safety standards: wetsuits, helmets, harnesses with longes and abseil devices, ropes, water bags and waterproof containers for full-day trips.

Canyoning main spots of the French Riviera are located on a map on this post.

Whether you are in the Alpes Maritimes or the Var, you will have a lot of canyons within a short range. Our guides have selected the best spots of the french riviera, the nicest and most amusing canyons in Nice Cote d’Azur.



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