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The best cliffs

With a large number of cliffs between Var and Italy, the French Riviera offers a wide range of climbing sites, suitable for beginners as well as expert climbers: La Turbie, Saint Jeannet, Gorges du Loup, Aiglun, Verdon, Castillon…


If you are an experienced climber, you can get personal tutoring and advice to improve your technique.

150 euros for a half day

240 euros for a full day.

These rates are valid for one person only.


Saint Jeannet, Verdon, Aiglun, Riolan…

Even with limited experience, you can follow long routes under the guidance of a professional. You will learn the appropriate techniques that you need to master for a long climb.

For long routes for beginners(3-4 piches route, about 100-120 meters)
we charge 150 euros for an individual,
180 for 2 people.

For more expert climbers, we can do longer challenging routes (Peril Jaune, Saint Jeannet, 220 m).
We charge 240 euros for an individual,
280 for 2 people.


Contes, La Turbie, Saint Jeannet, La Colle sur Loup…

If you are beginners or have litlle experience, why not spend a pleasurable time with your family and friends under the guidance of a professional training instructor in order to master new skills and enjoy the thrill of climbing in a congenial atmosphere. You will learn the basics of climbing gradually and safely.

For a group of more than 6 people:
35 euros per person for a half day (up to 3 hours)
50 euros per person for a full day (up to 6 hours)

For a group of 4 or 5 people:
40 euros per person for a half day (up to 3 hours)
60 euros per person for a full day (up to 6 hours)

If you are less than 4 people and if it’s not possible to reach a group, we can organize the trip for:
150 euros for the half day
240 euros a day


If you want to have a private guide for your team or family (Maximum 8 people for 1 guide)

240 euros for a half day

360 euros for a full day.

If you are more than 8, contact me!

For more informations, contact us.
From first climbing experiences to adventure in long routes. For beginners as well as expert climbers.


+33 (0)681053020

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