Aquatic hike in the Gorges du Loup around Nice

Aquatic hike in the Gorges du Loup around Nice

Aquatic hike in the Gorges du Loup around Nice 1920 1080 Olivier

Today, let’s talk about the aquatic hike in the Gorges du Loup close to Nice. This water activity is an excellent way to relax in one of the most beautifull rivers of the french riviera. The spot is about half an hour from Grasse or Vence by car, 50 minutes from Nice and 1h15 from Fréjus.

Aquatic hike in Nice - Gorges du Loup
Nice jacuzzi, isn’t it?

What is the aquatic hike?

This is an outdoor water sport in which we will go down a river walking and swimming. We will also jumps from the rocks on the side of the river and do slides. As it is easy to walk around the waterfalls, you are never forced to jump or slide!

As a consequence, it’s a funny activity for summer time.

Who can do the aquatic hike in the gorges du Loup?

Most of the people can come, provided they like water and know how to swim. You also must be able to walk for about 2 hours. Children over 8 years old can do it. Before this age, they might be too cold to have fun…

Aquatic kike in Nice- french riviera - Canyon06
A small jump to the river…

Why choosing this water activity?

In most of the canyons in the french riviera, you will have to abseil.

When you decide to do an aquatic hike in Gorges du Loup, you won’t need the rope to go down. Abseiling is not very complicated but for some of us, it’s not very natural. With the aquatic hike, you can have a funny outdoor activity all together!

Aquatic hike in the French Riviera-Nice-Canyon06
What about a slide?

How to book your aquatic hike in Nice?

Contact us to decide when we can meet for this trip.

Price is 45 euros per person and 40 euros per person as soon as you book for 6 people and more.

We need to have a mobile phone you will have with you the day of the trip. We will also need your names, lenghs in meters and weights in kilograms to prepare the wetsuits.

What do you need?

You will need a swimming suit, a towell and some sport shoes with laces to go in the water. Don’t take almost dead shoes if you want them to see the whole trip!

Well, now, you just have to organize your aquatic hike in the Gorges du Loup with your family!

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