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This blog will give you varied news about outdoor activities in the French Riviera. We mainly speak about mountain sports like canyoning, via ferrata and rock climbing.

As a consequence, you can find here ideas of Nature sport outings you can do around Nice in any season.

We also give you practical information to help you choose and organize nice outdoor activities with your family or friends according to your level and the place you are staying!

Rock climbing in Les Surplombs-La Turbie-Nice-06
Rock climbing in Les Surplombs (La Turbie) 1000 750 Olivier

Rock climbing in Les Surplombs (La Turbie)

During winter, south facing cliffs are far better than the others! With sun almost all the day and good temperatures, you’ll have a perfect day of climbing.

Canyoning alpes maritimes-best spots
Canyoning Alpes Maritimes best spots around Nice 900 675 Olivier

Canyoning Alpes Maritimes best spots around Nice

Canyon06 gives you the meeting points and localisation on a map for canyoning trips in the Alpes Maritimes. With a large number of canyons, cote d’azur offers a wide range of canyoning sites, suitable for beginners as well as experts.

Canyoning techniques with Canyon06 guides
Canyoning techniques with Canyon06 4000 3000 Olivier

Canyoning techniques with Canyon06

Canyon06 gives you an idea of the different canyoning techniques you will have to do during your trip. Your canyoning guide will give you all the advices you need to enjoy a funny experience…

Via ferrata in Peille-Nice-06
Via ferrata in Peille (half a day) 1000 750 Olivier

Via ferrata in Peille (half a day)

Last wednesday, I took a small team of young climbers from Nice to the via ferrata of Peille on the French Riviera.

canyoning in Barbaira - Nice Cote Azur
Canyoning in Barbaira 1000 750 Olivier

Canyoning in Barbaira

A few days ago, we went to Italy for a canyoning trip near Rocchetta Nervina. We did the aquatic canyon of Barbaira wich is one of the most beautiful canyons around Nice.

About Canyon06 blog, canyoning, climbing and via ferrata activities 2000 1500 Olivier

About Canyon06 blog, canyoning, climbing and via ferrata activities

Let’s present Canyon06 blog. It does not have great ambition except share few information. I hope these may be interesting to some of you, whether from my amateur practice or professional climbing instructor and canyoning guide. I’m passionated about climbing for about twenty five years. As a consequence, I spent a lot of time traveling…


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