Rock climbing in Les Surplombs (La Turbie)

Rock climbing in Les Surplombs (La Turbie)

Rock climbing in Les Surplombs (La Turbie) 1000 750 Olivier

During winter, La Turbie south facing cliffs are among the best in Alpes Maritimes! With sun almost all the day and good temperatures, you’ll have a perfect day of climbing. The area of La Turbie located over Monaco and Cap d’Ail has many good spots for winter and the view on the sea is amazing! It’s one of the best places in French Riviera and only half an hour from Nice.

This time, we went to Les Surplombs, an old sector in wich many new routes have been added on the left during the last years. These new routes have very safe bolting and it’s a very good place to go with all the family or beginners. The easier and shorter routes are on the left of the sector.


Time to warm up for Isabelle!

Anthony starts to climb, really motivated!

The « Tête de Chien » over Monaco

You need to open your eyes very well in order to find the best holds!

Young climbers Rose and Anthony racing to the top of the cliff

The good position to come back to the ground

Lucille, always happy on the rock!

canyon06 la turbie climbing

Holding on your knot can help you for the balance but you needn’t much strength with your rope attached to your harness…

la turbie les surplombs climbing canyon06

For a good precision, you must watch carefully your feet until they are put on the rock

A good place for the « pique-nique »

Lucille is using a Grigri to descend her partner

la turbie rock climbing canyon06

Harder route for Isabelle

The routes on the right are getting higher

After having climbed all day in Les Surplombs, we decided to finish that day with abseiling initiation in the Prussik area.


If you want to book for a professional  climbing guide, you’ll have more informations here.

You will also find the topo of Les Surplombs on this page.

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