Via ferrata in Peille (half a day)

Via ferrata in Peille (half a day)

Via ferrata in Peille (half a day) 1000 750 Olivier

Last wednesday, I took a small team of young climbers from Nice to the via ferrata of Peille on the French Riviera. We did the higher part of this amazing via ferrata, wich is my favorite in all the Alpes Maritimes, located at 30 minutes from Monaco. This itinerary is really beautiful and it’s possible to take different options according to your level.

To do the higher part of the via, you reach the via taking a small path just over the main road from La Turbie to Peille, at 500 meters from Peille village. Doing this you can start with an easy climbing wich allows you to get used to the different techniques required for this activity.



After this first wall, you arrive to a small monkey bridge. If you’ve got a good balance, you can try to do it without hands, like Lise does on the picture… but that’s not so easy!


Then, the via goes down in direction of a little cave, wich is quite an impressive section.


You’ve got to walk through a the little cave, wich is a perfect place to get fresh air… and a rest!


A small and easy climb leads to a net that you can climb inside. Amazing view!

If you’re afraid, it’s possible to traverse on the right with a less impressive and easier option.


Getting on the net!

Inside the net.

After that, you can go on the left for overhanging climbing, reserved for very fit practitionners or going to the right for an easier way.

The team of that day was rather strong but had no much time, so we we took on the right for a faster trip!


canyon06 via ferrata peille

After an easier part where you can get relaxed, you have to go for a small overhanging wall.


climbing peille via ferrata nice

This wall leads to  an impressive monkey bridge.


peille-via ferrata-canyon06

Classical dance on the monkey bridge!

A last wall reaches the summit of the via.


From the top, it’s possible to do a zip line or to go back to the village in the forest. Our team was late so we decided to go back to the bus!


The team on top!

If, you want to book for a professional guide for a trip on the via ferrata of Peille, you’ll find more details here.

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