Canyoning with children near Nice

Canyoning with children near Nice

Canyoning with children near Nice 1200 900 Olivier

Let’s see how you can go canyoning with the children of your family in the mountain rivers around Nice. Everybody knows that chidren like water but there are a few things you should know if you want the children of your family have good fun trying this water sport activity…

Canyoning with children Nice Cote d'Azur
Children like water. It’s not hard to convince them to go canyoning with all the family!

How old must your children be to try canyoning in the French Riviera?

I would start saying it’s better not to go canyoning with very young children for many reasons.

First of all, your children should feel rather easy in the water. Beeing a rather good swimmer seems to be the first important thing if you want their experience in the river enjoyable! If you spend your time drinking the water around you, it’s far less funny, isn’t it?

Then, walking in the riverbed is not so easy with all the rocks you have to go around. For a young child, it will be even more complicated!

On top of that, young children could be rather cold during the tour because of the small sizes of their bodies. Water is much warmer when you are tall and big! Most of the 5 or 6 years old children I could see canyoning around Nice are generally completely frozen!

Sure all the children are not the same but I would say that you’d bettter wait that they are 8 years old and at least 20 kgs even if they really have good skills for their age!

What is the best season to try canyoning with the children of your family near Nice?

Canyoning in the Cote d’Azur is possible from the beginning of April to the end of October. With children, we would say it is possible from June to september to have good conditions. The best moment for younger children will be july and august because the water is much warmer.

Easy canyoning trip for a family with chidren near Nice - 06
Summer is the best season to have fun canyoning with all your family in the French Riviera near Nice!

On top of that the river stream is generally not as strong in summer and the conditions will be easier for children!

Which canyons should you do to start this water sport with children in the French Riviera?

With the children of your family, the best to discover canyoning is to start with easy half day canyons around Nice. Like that, you will spend 2h-2h30 in the river and your children won’t be cold or very tired.

Your canyoning guide will indicate good options for children during the tour. As you can imagine, they are not always able to do what adults can do!

See this page to see which are the easy half day canyoning tours in the Cote d’Azur.

Easy canyoning with children in the French Riviera
The best option to go canyoning with children : choose an easy trip!

It’s still possible to go canyoning in full day trips with 12 years old children but for the first canyoning experience, it will always be better to discover this water sport with an half day tour. It’s always better to start with something too easy than something too complicated!

If you have more questions about canyoning with children around Nice, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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