Imberguet canyon, a great canyoning trip for spring!

Imberguet canyon is a very good canyoning trip around Nice for spring when the weather has been quite rainy. It’s a technical canyon with jumps, slides and many abseils in narrow gullies…

Imberguet canyon-Nice-Vesubie

Imberguet canyon close to Nice in Vesubie Valley

How difficult is it?

Imberguet is a full day trip graded 2 which can be rather long as there are many abseils to go down. As a consequence you’d better have endurance. Though, it’s not extremely complicated so you could do it even if you are beginner. The only important thing is to be motivated to abseil often…

Children older than 12 can do it.


75 euros per person and 70 euros per person if you book for 6 people and more.
You will pay your canyoning guide with cash when you arrive on the spot.

Meeting point for Imberguet canyon

Please do not come without making an appointment first as I cannot lead too large a party.
Do contact me to decide where and when we’ll meet.

From Nice, follow the D6202 road which goes to Digne and drive through Plan du Var.
The meeting point is after Durandy bridge (yellow, white and red) just after Plan du Var.
You can see the meeting point on the map below :,7.199174&hl=fr&num=1&t=h&z=16

You can click on « itinéraires » on the previous map to reach the meeting point.

GPS data in decimals by Google: 43.860726,7.199174
Should you use a smartphone, the best is to enter the data and click on route.
If you use a car GPS, enter: 43° 51′ 38.614″ N     7° 11′ 57.026″ E


You should contact me by phone on +33681053020 or send an E mail to book for your canyoning trip in Imberguet canyon.
Do send me a voice mail to give your name, your phone number and say how many people will come if I’m not available. I will contact you as soon as I get out of the water.

I need the following information:

– Your christian names
– your size (metrics)
– your weight (in kilos)
Don’t forget to give your mobile phone number (very important!) and E-mail address and I will send you all the practical information.

What do you need?

Swimming trunks and sport shoes, like running shoes or tennis shoes, but do not wear bathing shoes . I will provide technical gear.

You must  have a sandwich and chocolate bars or your favorite snack and a 0.5 liter water bottle per person.

I hope you’ll find here all information you need to book your canyoning trip in Imberguet!