Easy canyoning in Les Gours du Ray

Les Gours du Ray is an easy canyoning tour near Nice. Located near Grasse, very close to the small villlage of Greolieres, this canyon is perfect to discover this watersport in an amazing environment. It offers beautifull waterfalls with abseils and jumps in a beautifull and wild nature.

Easy canyoning in Les Gours du Ray - Nice
One more jump in Les Gours du Ray, near Greolieres.

Is it really easy canyoning in this tour ?

The Gours du Ray canyon, as it is not too long and complicated is really a good choice if you want an easy start in canyoning. Though there are many jumps and abseils,

there are no really difficult waterfalls to go down. As a consequence, it is perfect with beginners and children over 8.

Canyoning in les Gours du Ray is fun, only fun !

How much does it cost ?

Price is 55 euros per person and 50 euros per person as soon as you book for 6 people and more.

You have to pay with cash when you arrive.

Where do we meet to participate to this easy canyoning tour ?

ATTENTION : Don’t come without any appointment! There is a limited number of places in the groups!
You have to contact us to decide when we will go canyoning.
The meeting point is on the route d’Andon D79, 5 minutes from the village of Gréolières.

Park on a small parking near a dirt road going uphill.
The meeting point to go canyoning in Les Gours du Ray is indicated on this link.

The best is to click on « itinéraires » on the map.

GPS parking point (google data) : 43.790972, 6.916194

GPS (classical car data ) : 43°47’27.5″N 6°54’58.3″E

How do we book for this easy canyoning trip?

You should contact me by phone on +33681053020 or send an E mail to book for your canyoning trip in Les Gours du Ray near Greolieres.
Do send me a voice mail to give your name, your phone number and say how many people will come if I’m not available. Then, I will contact you as soon as I get out of the water.
I need the following information:
– Your christian names
– your size (metrics)
– your weight (in kilos)
Don’t forget to give your mobile phone number (very important!) and E-mail address and I will send you all the practical information.

What do you need?

Swimming trunks and sport shoes, like running shoes or tennis shoes, but do not wear bathing shoes . I will provide technical gear.

Now you only have to take an easy start in canyoning discovering the Gours du Ray trip in the Alpes Maritimes!