Extreme canyoning in La Maglia

The incredibly big rains during Alex storm in october 2020 completely destroyed this canyon. We can no longer guide you in this trip for the moment…

La Maglia is without doubt the best river around Nice for extreme canyoning with a lot of sensations. No other canyon offers so many big jumps and slides on the French Riviera. Located in the Roya valley, you’ll go down a beautifull narrow gully with many waterfalls. Going down the cave in the middle is just incredible!

Extreme canyoning in La Maglia

A powerfull group canyoning in La Maglia

How difficult is it?

La Maglia is a grade 3 canyon. The stream is strong and you must be fit and experienced as there are many big jumps and slides. Rappelling down the waterfalls demands technical know-how. You will always be in action in this canyoning trip and it is really for experienced canyoneers. Jumping from 7m high spots must be easy for you and it’s possible to do 12 m jumps. On top of that, the water is rather cold so you should be rather fast to be comfortable…


80 euros per person and 75 euros per person if you book for 6 people and more.

You will pay your canyoning guide with cash when you arrive on the spot.

Meeting point

Do not come without making prior arrangements as I cannot take too many people.
Do contact me to say when and where we’ll meet.
The meeting point is at Beausoleil motorway exit, just after Monaco and La Turbie when you drive from Nice. Your canyoning guide will meet you at the petrol station.
I indicated the meeting point on the following map:
You can click on « itinéraires » on the previous map to reach the meeting point.
Google GPS data for the carpark  43.753241,7.419283
If you use smartphone, enter the directions given by Google and click on route.

If you use a car GPS enter 43° 45′ 11.668″ N     7° 25′ 9.419″ E


You should contact me by phone on +33681053020 or send an E mail to book for your canyoning trip.
Do send me a voice mail to give your name, your phone number and say how many people will come if I’m not available. I will contact you as soon as I get out of the water.

I need the following information:
– Your christian names
– your size (metrics)
– your weight (in kilos)
– the european size of your feet
Don’t forget to give your mobile phone number (very important!) and E-mail address and I will send you all the practical information.

What do you need?

Swimming trunks and sport shoes, like running shoes or tennis shoes, but do not wear bathing shoes . I will provide technical gear.

You must  have a sandwich and chocolate bars or your favorite snack and a 0,5 liter water bottle per person.
Now, you should have all the information you need to enjoy an extreme canyoning trip in La Maglia with us… otherwise contact me!