Full day canyoning tours around Nice – moderate difficulty

With a moderate difficulty, these full day tours in grade 2 are perfect to have fun canyoning around Nice, provided you are a rather fit person. Descents are accessible to beginners who like sports and can walk 4 hours. The effort is quite similar to hiking. There’s nothing really extreme but it’s just rather long…

You will jump from 10 meters high spots if you wish and abseil down 15-20 meters cliffs. These outings are suitable for children over 12 .

A beautifull jump in Barbaira
A beautifull jump in Barbaira’s amazing river!

Though these tours are rather easy, it is possible to find good jumps and slides if you are searching thrilling experiences! Once again, you will never be forced to do the big jumps or slides. There’s always another option!

As these trips are a bit long, don’t forget to take a sandwich with you to make a break in the middle!

The classical full day canyoning tours around Nice in grade 2 (moderate difficulty)

(60 euros per person if there are more than 6 people, or 65 euros per person for smaller groups)

Bollene, funny canyoning tour in the north of Nice

This canyon is an amazing full day trip 1 hour from Nice, in the Vesubie Valley.
Good fun for sporty beginners to experienced people with many jumps and slides!

You will never forget the 10 meter slide…

The big slide of Bollène canyoning tour in the north of Nice, Vésubie valley
The big slide of la Bollene in the Vesubie valley!


This canyoning tour is probably the most beautifull close to Nice. Many jumps and an incredible adventure in this unique landscape. You will just think you are in a tropical country!

The Barbaira, a beautifull canyoning tour close to Nice
Relaxing in Barbaira.


A beautifull technical canyon in Vesubie valley perfect for spring conditions. This one offers jumps and slides and many abseils in a narrow gully. It’s one of the first canyoning tours you can go after the rain…

Abseiling in the Imberguet, full day canyoning trip near Nice
Imberguet is really nice, even more if you like abseiling!

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