Extreme canyoneering trips in the Alpes Maritimes

This page presents the extreme canyoneering trips in the Alpes Maritimes. These outings are very sustained and you must be an experienced and fit practionner. You will have to do very complicated things to go down the river. As the conditions in theses tours can be really difficult, you shouldn’t go for it if you are a beginner!

A big jump in Riolan, difficult canyoneering near Nice
A big jump in Riolan, near Nice

All these trips are full day and quite long. The average time in the water is 4 to 5 hours so you need a sandwich to eat something during the outing.

The main interest of grade 4 canyons is to do complicated and impressive things with the rope. If you are searching for jumps and slides, keep going on grade 3 outings which are much more fun!

Extreme canyoneering trips in the Alpes Maritimes in grade 3

(70 euros per person if you book for at least 6 people, or 75 euros per person)

Reserved for experienced and fit practicioners. The rythm will be faster and sustained. Possible jumps of 12 m. Big slides and abseiling under waterfalls. The stream can be strong… You must be over 14. You may have to walk a long way to reach the canyon or come back…

La Maglia, close to Breil sur Roya

Unfortunately, this canyon has been destroyed by Alex storm during october 2020. It’s not possible to go there again for the moment…

La Maglia is the extreme spot of canyoneering in the french riviera. You will always be in action in a steep and sustained canyon with many waterfalls. There are very few easy places where you can rest. On top of that, it is really beautifull and you will abseil inside an incredible cave! The best canyon around Nice if you like big jumps and thrilling experiences!

rapelling while canyoneering in the extreme Maglia - Alpes Maritimes
The extreme Maglia, close to Breil sur Roya

Riolan, the biggest canyon in the alpes Maritimes, Esteron valley

You will live a real adventure one hour from Nice by car! Amazing canyon in Esteron Valley, one of the wildest places in the Côte d’Azur. You will swim betwwen huge cliffs and go down impressive waterfalls with funny obstacles.

Riolan, one of the best extreme canyoneering trips in the Alpes Maritimes
Riolan is one of the big classical hard trips in the French Riviera!

Extreme canyoneering tours around Nice in grade 4

(75 euros per person if there are more than 6 people, or 80 euros per person for smaller groups)

The most demanding canyons in the Alpes Maritimes. Theses trips are very interesting if you particularly like doing hard things with ropes like big rapelling… You must be used to abseiling down 70 meters waterfalls. Technical challenges will be higher. You have to be really fit.


In Roya valley, you will go down many impressive abseils for about 200 meters before arriving in the second part of La Maglia.

Cascade de Courmes

In Gorges du Loup valley, we start under the Courmes village with several abseils before arriving the 70 meters one. Then we can finish in Gorges du Loup classical trip… if you are not tired!

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