Discover canyoning in Cramassouri, one of the best canyons around Nice

To discover canyoning in Nice Cote d’Azur with friends or family, Cramassouri is probably the best canyon. At forty minutes from Nice by car, at the beginning of the Tinée valley, this is an ideal spot for a gradual introduction to canyoning in the French Riviera.

Alex storm in october 2020 has deeply modified the Cramassouri canyon, bringing some stones in the pools. As a consequence, this beautifull canyon is now the perfect place to improve your abseiling techniques…

While following the river, you’ll meet quite a few obstacles which will help you to learn how to abseil gradually and you will become more and more confident. The highest abseil (10 meters) will be at the end.

The rocks above the river are statuesque and no doubt it is one of the most beautiful canyons of the French Riviera.
So it is a perfect introduction to canyoning as well as a fine way to enjoy an afternoon in a magnificent environment.

Discover canyoning in Cramasssouri, Nice Cote d'Azur

A technical challenge ?

Cramasssouri canyon is rather easy. It’s mainly about walking in the river and rappeling from the highest waterfalls. 8 years old children can come and it is perfect for beginners.
The presentation clip below was created before Alex storm and the canyon is now very different. It’s now the perfect canyon if you want to improve your abseiling technique in an amazing landscape.


55 euros per person and 50 euros if you book for at least 6 people.

You will pay your canyoning guide with cash when you arrive on the spot.

Meeting point to discover canyoning in Cramassouri

Never come without making arrangements with your guide as we cannot take too many people!
So contact us to say when and where we’ll meet.

From Nice, you must drive up the Var valley at the beginning, then the Tinée road (which goes to Isola 2000). The meeting point is about 1 kilometer after La Courbaisse. There is a carpark on the right.
The meeting point is indicated on the following map :,7.175313&hl=fr&num=1&t=m&z=16

Why not click on« itinéraires »in the map above to find the best road to the meeting point ?
The google directions for the carpark are: 43.932162,7.175313
Using a smartphone, you should choose the google directions.
If you use your car GPS enter 43° 55′ 55.783″ N     7° 10′ 31.127″ E


You should contact me by phone on +33681053020 or send an E mail to book for your canyoning trip in Cramassouri.
Do send me a voice mail to give your name, your phone number and say how many people will come if I’m not available. I will contact you as soon as I get out of the water.

I need the following information:
– Your christian names
– your size (metrics)
– your weight (in kilos)
Don’t forget to give your mobile phone number (very important!) and E-mail address and I will send you all the practical information.

What do you need?

Swimming trunks and sport shoes, like running shoes or tennis shoes, but do not wear bathing shoes . I will provide technical gear.

If you want more informations, see canyoning page of Canyon06.

I hope this information has been helpful to prepare your trip in Cramassouri, probably the best canyon to discover canyoning in Nice Cote d’Azur!