Cuebris, a nice canyoning trip in wild nature

Cuebris, a nice canyoning trip in wild nature

Cuebris, a nice canyoning trip in wild nature 1000 563 Olivier

This spring, we went back to Cuebris, a beautifull canyoning trip located in the Esteron valley, one of the wildest places near Nice. There was big rain a few days before and the stream was quite strong this day. As a consequence, it was a rather sustained day!

The Esteron offers many different tours including for example the famous Riolan, which can sometimes be crowed in the middle of the summer. Cuebris is just a few kilometers from Riolan but there are far less people. Then, it’s the perfect place if you want to be back to a wild and preserved nature.

You start the canyoning trip abseiling from a bridge and you will find many abseils in the first part of this trip with an impressive one of 30 meters! Although some of the abseils are rather long, these are not so complicated and this canyon is graded 2 which means it’s not really hard…

A nice abseil while canyoning Cuebris, in wild nature but close to Nice
You will do many nice abseils in Cuebris…

The second part of this canyon offers many beautifull pools in wild nature where it is possible to find good jumps.

The lower part of Cuebris has nice pools for jumps
The lower part of Cuebris where you can find nice jumps…

This wild canyon is generally in good conditions in the spring. If the weather is rather dry, it often happens that the level of water is not sufficient at the end of july to have good water conditions…

On another hand, you should know that the riverbed is very often dry where we start the canyon under the bridge. Water will come from under the ground later. If there’s water at the start, it would probably be harder conditions!

Here is a little video of our canyoning trip in Cuebris this spring:

If you want more information about canyoning in Cuebris, don’t hésitate to contact us!

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