Canyoning techniques with Canyon06

Canyoning techniques with Canyon06

Canyoning techniques with Canyon06 4000 3000 Olivier

Today, I will speak about the canyoning techniques you will need if you decide to go for a trip.


Some canyons are more slippery than others and sometimes it’s better to take care a little! So don’t run, take your time and don’t jump from one rock to the other!

Walking in the river, one of canyoning techniques

Walking requires to be awake…


Even if your wetsuit helps you to stay on the surface, you sometimes need to be a good swimmer specially in grade 3 or 4 canyons, as the stream can be strong and there are small whirlpools.

swimming in barbaira

Not really extreme swimming here!


For most of the people, this will be one of the best things to do in canyoning. You can sometimes jump from very high spots (more than 10 meters)

A big jump in Barbaira canyoneering tour

One big jump!

But this requires a very good technique not to hurt yourself. When you jump from high spots, the water can be really hard when you’ll arrive. That’s why your canyoning guide will explain you how to do and check that you jump correctly from lower spots before trying big jumps.

Anyway, if you don’t feel like it, you’ll never be forced to do any jump. Your canyoning guide can always show you an other option. It’s the same for the slides…


Slides are really funny and sometimes you’ll have to do 10 meters slides. The technique your instructor will learn you is very easy to do and really safe.

Sliding, one of the classical canyoning techniques

There are many beautifull slides in french riviera canyons…


If the canyon becomes really steep and if it’s impossible to walk, jump or slide to the water, you’ll have to go down with the rope. You’ll also do the same if you simply don’t want to jump or slide. The technique used in canyoning is different than in rock climbing and your guide will show you everything you need to know…

Abseiling in canyoning, easier than it looks...

Abseiling, easier than it looks…

In grade 1 canyons, it’s always possible to find an easy way to avoid obstacles. For this reason, you needn’t any harness or rope!

Grade 2 canyons are rather easy and it’s possible to learn in those how to abseil.

Grade 3 canyons become to be more complicated because you’ll have more water and waterfalls can be higher.

In grade 4 canyons, you need to be experts to abseil…

I hope you enjoyed this canyoning techniques presentation.

If you want to learn more about the different canyoning grades, see the canyoning page here.

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