Canyoning in Riolan

Canyoning in Riolan

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With the nice days arriving, I’ve decided to present you canyoning in Riolan, one of the best canyons in the French Riviera, located at one hour from Nice in Esteron valley. Its incredible size and magnificient landscapes has made of it one the most famous on Côte d’ Azur.

Riolan is a grade 3 canyon that requires a good knowledge of canyoning techniques. As the descent is around 5 hours with a lot of swimming, you need to be in good shape. With moderate stream of water and good temperatures, summer is the best season to go canyoning in Riolan. After big rains, you shouldn’t go there because high level of water could really be dangerous.

After a nice walk in the forest you reach the water and the first part of the canyon is wide-open and fairly easy.

The beggining of the canyon is rather easy and perfect to start cool

canyoning in Riolan-Nice-one of the first jumps

For the first jumps, the canyon is open and sunny

The first slide of the descent while canyoning in Riolan - French riviera

The first slide of the descent

Water temperature can be around 17°C in summer and with a good wetsuit, it’s really pleasent to stay in the water.

Nice swimming pool, isn’t it?

The first small jumps are perfect to get used to it.

A small jump in Riolan canyon-06

After the first small jumps, you can do big jumps if you want. These ones require a good technique and precision and your instructor will indicate you where it’s deep enough to jump. As soon as somebody entered the water, it won’t be clear anymore. That’s why it’s very important to know perfectly where you can jump or not.

A big jump while canyoning in Riolan in Nice Côte d'Azur

Daring people can do big jumps…

Canyoning in Riolan requires a lot of swimming.

Canyoning in Riolan requires a lot of swimming.

As there’s a lot of swimming, it’s very important to have good canyoning wetsuits.

Sometimes you’ll start with abseiling and finish either with a jump or a slide.

You’ll first abseil down and then slide to the water! Canyoning in Riolan 06

You’ll first abseil down and then slide to the water!

You’ll see many big rocks stuck like this one in Riolan

Swimming between two high cliffs.

In the middle of the canyon, you’ll arrive to a wide comfortable place, perfect to eat something and have a little rest! Some days, you could see people rock climbing on the high cliffs above the canyon.

A sunny place called « la salle a manger »

After lunch, you can do either a small or a big jump to go back to the water.

When it’s not deep enough for jumping, you’ll have to abseil.

Canyon06-canyoning in riolan-nice-cote-azur

canyoning in Riolan-06-slide and jump

Start with the rope before final jump to the water!

canyon06-canyoning in riolan-nice-esteron-beautifull rock shapes

Water has polished the rock to create nice shapes

Riolan-Canyon06-french riviera

The last big jump of the canyon.

Nice light in the final part-canyoning in riolan-Alpes Maritimes

Nice light in the final part.

Arriving to the road and its bridge: the end.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to canyoning in Riolan.

To have more informations about the rates to book for a guide and the different grades in canyoning, you can go there.

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