Canyoning in Barbaira

Canyoning in Barbaira

Canyoning in Barbaira 1000 750 Olivier

A few days ago, we went to Italy for a canyoning trip in Barbaira near Rocchetta Nervina. We did this aquatic canyon just behind italian border wich is one of the most beautiful tours around Nice. The water is really blue and all the environment is amazing in this full day trip. It’s a very funny grade 2 canyon (more about the grades here) in wich you can do many jumps. As you have to walk for 45 minutes to reach the departure, it’s better to be fit!

This time, there was more water than usually and it was more difficult because you had to be a better swimmer and you had to do more complicated things…

When you are canyoning in Barbaira with a classical level of water, the easiest way is really accessible to beginners provided they like sports even if it’s possible to do bigger jumps for daring people (10 m jumps).

But with such a big stream, it was better to be fit because everything gets more complicated. For example, you have to swim quicly after a slide because of the small whirlpool at the arrival…

I was with a nice swedish team and most of us were rather tired at the end of the canyon but happy!

Here are a few pictures of this day (thanks Robert for these nice pictures):

A jump to start canyoning in Barbaira
Determination is the most important thing to do a good jump! Barbaira canyoning
Stream was strong in Barbaira river this day!
Barbaira canyoning swedish team!

Mind you: You need to pay for the entrance of this canyon in the village (4 euros/pers). It’s a bit less expensive if you come with a professional instructor.

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