special provisions related to covid-19

special provisions related to covid-19

special provisions related to covid-19 1000 744 Olivier

The resumption of our outdoor activities during the covid-19 epidemic requires some adaptations in the organization of our climbing, canyoning or via ferrata outings. Our priority is to bring the best level of health security for our outings during this period, both for you and for our guides …

All of our activities are not yet entirely possible due to the temporary closure of certain sites and the constraints inherent in certain practices. That said, permissions are changing very quickly at the moment. There are already many possibilities, so do not hesitate to contact us so that we can find an excursion that suits your expectations. It’s time to get back to nature!

What you should plan in addition to usual

Bring a small bottle of hydroalcoholic gel or biodegradable soap. I will have some if you forget yours… This will be used on arrival so that you have all your hands clean before handling the equipment. It will also be useful before a picnic break, for example. We’re not going to eat with dirty hands!

You will also need to bring a mask with you. Even if our activities take place outdoors with small groups and it is quite easy to implement the now famous measures of social distancing, it will always be good to have with you a mask if necessary, for example if we must shuttle the vehicle.

Remember to each take your own water bottle and your own picnic when necessary. This is simply to avoid having to lend you bottles or to eat in the same bowl!

In the same logic, for canyoning trips, each participant must come with its own towel.

The equipment that we put at your disposal

The equipment loaned to you is of course cleaned between each outing. We use the disinfectant OksyBio 100 – Ecosterix from Abyssnaut. This is one of the few that meet the EN 14 476 of 2013 standard required to neutralize the coronavirus while respecting the integrity of PPE (personal protective equipment).

In terms of reservations during the covid-19 epidemic

Of course, in the event that it is impossible to carry out a scheduled exit due to new containment measures, any deposits paid will be returned to you in full.

Likewise, if a member of your group became ill with covid-19 before the outing, their place would not be due.

Note also that if you think you are sick, you must stay at home to rest …

For injured participants

Participants with mild pain are reminded that it is not recommended to take dolipranes (which could mask possible symptoms of the disease) or anti-inflammatory drugs which would promote complications …

Will you take some fresh air to celebrate spring?

Finally, I think that the outdoor air with large spaces is all we need, so see you soon!

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